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1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

General Motors Company.

  • sport pontiac 1994 trans

    1994 Pontiac Trans Sport

    Nice American van that GM also decided to sell in Europe during the nineties, not one of the most common minivans in here but it's still kind of easy to spot. I've always liked its design though I never liked...

    Photo by Spanish Coches on Flickr

  • chevrolet 1994 lumina apv sidecode5 jggl50

    1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

    Place: Roodenburgerdistrict, Leiden

    Photo by rvandermaar on Flickr

  • chevrolet 1994 lumina apv sidecode5 jggl50

    1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

    Place: Roodenburgerdistrict, Leiden

    Photo by rvandermaar on Flickr

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    1996 Chevrolet Lumina APV

    The Chevrolet Lumina APV was not officially imported in Europe. Instead we had the Pontiac Trans Sport, which after the facelift of 1994 in fact was a rebadged Oldsmobile Silhouette.

    Photo by harry_nl on Flickr

  • Grocery Shoppers, Start Your Engines: Minivans Hit the Racetrack

    11/10/13, via Wall Street Journal

    a 1992 Chevrolet Lumina APV. He then graduated to an 1989 Plymouth Grand Voyager in his second racing season and finally the 1994 Plymouth Voyager with 199,000 miles on the odometer that he used this season to become co-champion of the circuit.

  • The Minivan Craze - How it All Began

    11/02/13, via autoevolution

    Minivans you must have heard about them. Those plain looking vehicles that are powered by boring engines that can't growl and can't burn too much gasoline (or diesel) unless they catch a cold or the gas tank calls it quits and blows a hole right

  • The Cars That Drove Detroit's Customers Away

    12/19/08, via U.S. News & World Report (blog)

    When I wrote recently about 10 cars that sank Detroit, I was too stingy. Apparently, there are way more than 10. Hundreds of readers wrote to ask how we could have left the Chevy Nova off the list, or the Pontiac Aztek, or a number of other models that

  • Istorija: Chrysler Minivans

    01/15/15, via AutoBlog (????)

    je debitovala 1991. godine, ponovo u dve verzije (sa skra?enom i produženom šasijom), i ponovo pod Dodge, Plymouth i Chrysler oznakama, a iste godine je stigla i prva prava konkurencija u vidu minivanova iz General Motorsa sa prednjom vu?om

  • Histoire de Pontiac : 1989 à 1999, Pontiac TransSport

    06/10/09, via Le Blog Auto (Blog)

    Le Pontiac TransSport apparaît en 1989, et comme ses clones Chevrolet Lumina APV et Oldsmobile Silhouette, il va tenter de prendre le dessus sur le Chrysler Voyager, maître du marché du minivan aux Etats-Unis depuis son apparition en 1983. Son design 

The Cars That Drove Detroit's Customers Away - U.S. News & World Report (blog)

When I wrote recently about 10 cars that sank Detroit , I was too stingy. Apparently, there are way more than 10. Hundreds of readers wrote to ask how we could have left the Chevy Nova off the list, or the Pontiac Aztek, or a number of other models that left a long legacy of buyer's remorse. Many of Detroit's notorious bombs date to the 1970s and 1980s, and the car companies' offerings are much better today. But car buyers have long memories--and many remain unmoved by the current plight of the Detroit automakers. If they don't fulfill tough government demands, Chrysler could be forced into bankruptcy by early April, GM by early May. One reason is that they feel repeatedly disappointed--even swindled--by the companies now asking for their help. But the following cars left behind particularly noxious memories, often because the companies that built them refused to help fix the problems. Here's how some of the owners themselves feel about the cars and the companies that built them:. Chevrolet Vega (1970s). "I had a 1972 Vega. My family struggled to purchase the car for me as their contribution to college, as I was putting myself through school. “Then two years later, the car simply died. A two-year-old car. Source:

Istorija: Chrysler Minivans - AutoBlog (????)

Nema sumnje da je, kada je Chrysler grupa predstavila prve minivanove 1984. godine, u potpunosti promenila na?in na koji je Amerika i ostatak sveta gledao na porodi?na vozila. Ova ideja nije bila potpuno nova, ali se pojavila u pravo vreme i popularizovala klasu za koju se ?inila da je davno izumrla. ?ini se da je Volkswagen bio prvi koji je uspeo da napravi vozilo najsli?nije današnjem minivanu kada je 1950. godine predstavio Transporter Minibus. Transporter je doneo još nešto, posebno u Severnoj Americi, a to je konkurencija. godinu Chevrolet je predstavio Corvair 95 Van, dok je Ford stigao sa Falconom Econoline. Dodgeov prvi pokušaj da na platformi automobila napravi porodi?ni van je bio model A100, koji je debitovao 1964. godine. Dok su Corvair 95 Van, Falcon Econoline i A100 u samom startu bili sli?nih dimenzija kao Transporter, do ranih 1970tih su dobili zna?ajno na dimenzijama, kao i velike V8 motore, da su u ve?oj meri bili komercijalna vozila umesto putni?kih vanova. Source:

Histoire de Pontiac : 1989 à 1999, Pontiac TransSport - Le Blog Auto (Blog)

A l’intérieur, la poste de pilotage est lui aussi futuriste, avec ses boutons au centre du volant, son instrumentation constituée par un écran à tube cathodique, son affichage tête haute, son écran avec détection des obstacles pour remplacer le... Sous le capot, le V6 2. 9 est dopé par un turbo et développe 235 ch. . Quatre ans plus tard, le modèle de série fait son apparition. Si une partie du design est préservé, le passage à la production se traduira, comme bien souvent, par une transformation assez radicale des proportions qui le rendent bien moins désirable. Il le sera toutefois plus que ses deux clones, l’Oldsmobile Silhouette et le Chevrolet Lumina APV. Le toit n’est plus vitré, mais simplement agrémenté d’une laque noire, mais le bandeau central caractéristique est préservé. L’aspect sportif du modèle n’était pas confirmé sous le capot, avec un V6 3. 1 de 120 ch, avantageusement remplacé dès 1992 par le V6 3. 8 de 170 ch. Si le style semblait moderne, il ne fit pas l’unanimité et le TransSport fut surnommé «... Source:
  • Used Chevrolet Lumina

    07/30/15, via AutoGuide

    Our used car classifieds section provides an easy-to-search listing of vehicles. Find compact cars, subcompact cars, family sedans, luxury cars, sportscars, exotics, hybrids, SUVs, trucks and crossovers for sale in your area. Start searching our database ...

  • 1994 Chevrolet Lumina Passenger

    07/14/15, via Kelley Blue Book

    "I have found it to be very reliable, comfortable and a great running car (Olds engine), great for use as a passenger unit or remove the back two rows of seats and you have spacious cargo space. Economical, does 18-20 mpg around town and 20-25 mpg on ...

  • Chevrolet Lumina

    07/31/14, via Automotive

    A four-door, front-wheel drive sedan was available throughout its production cycle; Chevrolet also offered it as a coupe from 1990 to 1994. There is even a Lumina APV (which means "All Purpose Vehicle") minivan, which saw production from 1990 to 1996.

  • Custom El Lumino Is A Bizarre Find That Must Be Seen

    05/27/12, via Jalopnik

    Some come out nicely, some come out poorly, and some are almost too weird too describe. Discovered on Craigslist, we'd say this 1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV "El Lumino" falls firmly in the latter category. Chevrolet's dustbuster-esque offering to the minivan ...

  • 1994 Chevrolet Lumina

    03/28/12, via Kelley Blue Book

    "Be prepared to replace brakes constantly. Coil packs are located in a terrible spot hit one rain puddle and they are fried. Has severe issue with computer, will have to replace alot. On a good note the car is very comfy and engine has nice thoaty sound."

  • Chevy Elevated Careers of Numerous Ad Execs

    10/30/11, via Advertising Age

    Perkins became assistant general manager at Chevrolet in January 1989 and was named general manager four months later, a position he held until 1996. He says General Motors "was in disarray" during that time and he was saddled with the Lumina APV minivan ...

  • 1989 to 1998 Chevy Lumina

    08/08/10, via Autoblog

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Chevrolet Lumina APV 1993, test drive

Chevrolet Lumina APV 1993, test drive