SHINEHOME 150 mil 36 sqft Sound Deadener Deadening Dampening Audio Noise Insulation Heat Insulation Mat Material Self-Adhesive Rubber Waterproof Soundproofing Foam Panel

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  • WHY TO BUY THE SOUND DEADENER MAT--The impact of car noise on car owners is manifold. It can cause headaches, tinnitus, insomnia, memory loss and fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to make sound insulation materials for the car. SHINEHOME 150 mil automotive sound deadening material with strong self-adhesive foam, will be the excellent sound deadening dampening deadener mat, save more and play a bigger role.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY--SHINEHOME 150 mil sound insulation material has high thermal and acoustic properties,is lightweight ,no water absorption, no peculiar smell, made in special durable material for tough environments.
  • SPECIFICATIONS& APPLICATION--The waterproof soundproofing foam panel is 15.7x9.8 inch per sheet, coverage area 36sqft, thickness 150 mil, number of sheets 34, the temperature up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • PERFECT FIT--SHINEHOME 150 mil automotive self-adhesive insulation rubber foam material , is easy to cut and fit, strong adhesive backing can perfect fit for the car, its operating temperature: – 49 degrees fahrenheit to 200 degrees fahrenheit, such an excellent noise insulator properties will be the choice for your life.
  • MAIN FEATURE--SHINEHOME 150 mil noise and heat insulation is an automotive sound deadener mat, audio noise insulation and dampening material, with high noise reduction and excellent thermal insulation properties,with strong adhesive layer.