10 Great Vehicles That Cost Less Than a Ford Focus RS - AutoGuide.com

“but it demands a $10,000 premium over the already fun Focus ST,” with 100 less hp, fwd, and less on fly customization… is about right considering that’s BASE price. Fully equipped, 40k for a car that should have been here for years. We shall wait for the landing, but Ken Block seemed to have a blast in it. Comparing fully loaded to fully loaded (sans the $2K forged wheels and race tires, which are not available for the ST) the difference is about 10K. So for 10K you get:. Presumably better cooling with the bigger rad that is undersized on the ST. “Better” seats (the upgraded seats have some fancy material not on the ST). Weather that’s worth 10K is up to you. The BMW is standard with RWD and the above is ‘real’ AWD. The only FWD cars on this list are the Volt and the RDX (the latter being available with slip-based AWD). Also, isn’t the focus AWD. I don’t see how you object to AWD above. “Assuming the RS is traveling in a straight line with zero slip at any of. its four tires, the all-wheel-drive setup sends 100 percent of the. available power to the front axle. When slip is detected or if there is. steering input, up to 70 percent of the available power can be sent. Maybe redo this with ‘Competitive vehicles you can get for less than a Focus RS. Source: www.autoguide.com