Top 5 Used Cars that Teen Drivers Won't Hate - Top Speed

Because that’s totally a thing that your average 16-year-old could afford to buy and insure, and it will never wind up hidden in shame at the back of the biggest parking lot available. Rock on, old people. Fact is, most teens will end up with hand-me-downs anyway, and you want them to have something that’s reliable, practical and above all, safe. The sobering reality here is that automobile accidents are by far the No. 1 killer of people 15 to 19 years old. Forget suicide, murder, poisoning and drugs like The Reefer — car accidents typically kill more teens every year than all of those things combined. As a parent, you don’t want to put your kids in a deathtrap or encourage them to be self-destructive hooligans. About the only thing both parties can agree on is that they don’t want to spend a fortune in buy-in, insurance and gas. We’re going back 20 years, primarily on the basis that hand-me-downs and buying cheap are primary considerations for most people. But unlike most people, we’re also going to take into account style, customization opportunities, how the car fits into the average teen’s lifestyle, and (deep breath) even sportiness. Source: