Robin Williams' Son Teaching Inmates About Financial Literacy - (blog)

In the interest of "giving something back," the son of late actor Robin Williams has been partnering with San Quentin State Prison in California to teach inmates about financial literacy. The 32-year-old Zak Williams co-teaches the class with inmate Curtis Carroll, also known as "Wall Street. " According to TODAY , Williams became involved with the prison in October, upon the suggestion of his wife, Alex Mallick. personal finance, which cultivates an understanding of one's own assets and liabilities. Williams told TODAY that emulating his father in giving back has helped him get past the grief of his father's death, which took place one year ago yesterday. The New York Daily news reports that the 20-year-old son of a Swiss millionaire recently conspired to set his own $245,000 Ferrari 458 Italia (one of his 15 cars) on fire because he wanted a different model. The son, who in addition to the various vehicles was also given a $30 million portfolio of properties and a $10,000 a month allowance by his father, was allegedly advised by a car dealer to commit insurance fraud to secure the funds for an upgrade. When questioned by the court, he revealed that he’d run out of money by the time of the incident and was simply too scared to tell his father that he didn’t like the car and wanted a different one. Source: