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2010 Audi R8 5.2 V10 FSI Quattro vs. 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia - CAR and DRIVER

Audi vs. Italy: A German supercar with an Italian heart travels to Italy to claim its birthright. 2010 Audi R8 5.2 V10 FSI Quattro vs. 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia ...

  • audi r8 amm

    Audi R8 .. A.M.M

    Audi R8 .. A.M.M ???? ??????? : ??? ???????

    Photo by Marwan AL-Marzugy on Flickr

  • audi r8

    Audi R8 .. A.M.M

    Audi R8 .. A.M.M ???? ??????? : ??? ???????

    Photo by Marwan AL-Marzugy on Flickr

  • audi r8

    Audi R8 - Garrage Shoot

    Audi R8 - Garrage Shoot

    Photo by Stefan.Craitza® on Flickr

  • audi r8

    Audi R8

    It reminds me of this photo I uploaded just over one year ago. Different car, same brand. Still like the R8 a lot and I hope to ride one some day. Highest position Explore: 181 on Tuesday 26 January 2010....

    Photo by on Flickr

  • nyc skyline audi r8 status motoring

    The NYC View // Audi R8

    Audi R8 from Status Motoring

    Photo by Ronaldo.S on Flickr

  • supercar france car cars wheel wheels auto automotive photoshoot nikon d80 sevan calians vehicule rims speed photo photography exotic spotting french nikkor red white rouge blanche blanc grey paul ricard httt circuit castellet dark black explore audi r8 tt rs s v8 v10 rs4 rs5 rs6 s10 s4 s6 s8 gallardo lamborghini superlegerra quattro 80 90 100 a4 a1 a3 a6 a7 a8 q7 q5 carbon singleframe

    Audi R8 V10 ~EXPLORE~

    Audi R8 V10 Circuit du Castellet (Paul Ricard HTTT) - Var - France Caméra Nikon D80 Lens Nikkor 70-200 Exposition 0,001 sec (1/1000) Ouverture f/4.0 Longueur focale 200 mm Vitesse ISO 100 EXPLORE: Aug 14, 2010 #434

    Photo by calians.sevan on Flickr

  • auto red car sport speed germany automobile fast german audi coupe v8 audir8 ©2010russellpurcell

    Red on Red

    2010 Audi R8 4.2

    Photo by Auto Exposure Canada on Flickr

  • 2010 audi r8 spyder aufnahme aufnahmen auto automobil automobile autos bild bilder capture captures car cars classic foto fotos image oldtimer photo photograph photos picture pictures shot shots vintage wallpaper antique old vehicle spider cabrio cabriolet convertible roadster coche ????? voiture classique ? carro ??? ??? klassieke mobil klasik depoca ??????? klasyczny samochód clássico clásico ???????????? ?????????? ???? weiss weis white blanco blanc bianco ??? ???? ?????

    2010 Audi R8 Spyder

    The Audi R8 is a sports car with a longitudinally mounted mid-engine, and uses Audi's 'trademark' quattro permanent four-wheel drive system. It was introduced by the German automaker Audi AG in 2006. The car was...

    Photo by Georg Sander on Flickr

  • saopaulo tnt itaipava interlagos audir8 500km alemiro alejr canont1i curvadajunção

    Audi R8 - Interlagos 500Km

    Audi R8 - Interlagos 500Km

    Photo by Alemiro Jr. on Flickr

  • Vintage Racing Mustangs and GT40s at 2015 Hawk International Challenge

    09/04/15, via Mustang 360

    While some vintage race organizers are sticklers for certain cars or time periods, The Hawk featured over 400 cars of varying “vintages,” from a 1933 Studebaker Indy Special to a 2010 Audi R8 LMS race car. The cars were divided into fourteen different 

  • India's Most Exclusive Supercar Club: The CannonBall Club

    08/31/15, via GTspirit

    After the first car came, the word spread among a close network of friends and, from one M5, we started getting cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 599 GTB, Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi R8 and Maseratis.” It wasn't long before CBC had access to

  • Audi R8 Spyder

    08/19/15, via Top Speed

    Launched in 2007, the first-generation Audi R8 was so successful that the German brand decided to keep it around for no fewer than eight model years. The Spyder, on the other hand, is a bit younger than that, having been unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt

  • You Can Now Hire a BMW i8 in Las Vegas!

    09/01/15, via GTspirit

    Diplomat Exotic Rentals has become the first car-rental company in Las Vegas to offer the BMW i8 to its customers. The hybrid sports car joins the likes of Audi R8, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Maserati GranTurismo, Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari 458

  • 2010 Glut Orange Audi R8 for sale #audiR8

    06/30/15, via Cherry Creek News

    This 2010 Audi R8 has been ordered in a Audi Exclusive Glut Orange exterior and I like the combination of the bright exterior against the dark carbon fiber side blade. glutoranger8v81c glutoranger8v81a glutoranger8v81b When the R8 was released as a 

  • Audi E-Tron Quattro Concept

    08/19/15, via Top Speed

    Really devoted Audi fans are probably scratching their heads on seeing this name, since it was already used for a concept that was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in 2010. That concept was an evolution of the R8 E-tron concept of the previous year

  • AUDI R8 (2007-2014)

    09/04/15, via

    C'est sur ces bonnes bases qu'Audi va sans cesse faire évoluer sa GT. Proposée avec une excellente boîte mécanique à 6 rapports en “H” ou avec une transmission robotisée R tronic, la R8 va se muer en Spyder en décembre 2010 (430 ch). Afin de chasser 

Vintage Racing Mustangs and GT40s at 2015 Hawk International Challenge - Mustang 360

Car shows and cruise-ins are a great way to view some old Detroit muscle, but aside from the occasional exhaust rap or spontaneous burnout, it’s generally a static affair. In a time when unleashing such beasts on public roads is frowned upon, car enthusiasts are flocking to racing events that encourage owners of vintage iron to let ‘em rip: Vintage Racing. Vintage racing revives a simpler time—when fuel was leaded, chassis were metal, tires were fat, and racing cars was really dangerous. If your idea of fun is watching old F1 cars, Can-Am machines, Mustangs, Corvettes, and bathtub Porsches punish their tires and exhaust their drivers, vintage racing is for you. If you want to see some cool cars—and we mean really cool cars—attend a vintage racing event near you. The owners of these priceless cars enjoy showing them to fans just as much as they love driving them. While fun is clearly a priority at vintage events, when the green flag drops, vintage “racing” lives up to its name. But even though the cars look and sound like they’re from their younger, more dangerous days, the safety equipment is clearly modern. Closed-faced helmets, HANS devices, flame-proof clothing, and fire suppression systems remind everyone that the cars aren’t the only priceless things on the track. To experience what vintage racing is all about, we attended The Hawk International Challenge with Briand Redman at Road America (“The. Source:

2010 Audi R8 V10 is Bold and Beautiful: Your Ride - Bold Ride Blog (press release) (registration) (blog)

Zimmerman: I added a 3M clear bra on the full hood, front bumper, front fenders, headlights, mirrors and side blades, installed a Carbonio carbon fiber air intake, added MAcarbon carbon fiber shift knob, ashtray lid, radio surround and handbrake... What do you love about your car. I love the fact that it’s an Audi Exclusive R8. That means that all the pieces in the car that are normally plastic are wrapped in alcantara or leather and that it has some other special upgrades only available to Audi Exclusive vehicles. PHOTOS: See More of the 2011 Audi R8 GT Spyder. What’s an inside fact about an R8 that only an owner would know about. Not many people know how to open the engine compartment. I participated with Chin Motorsports and raced at Sebring with the Tampa Automotive Club, a car club I founded. Source:

Honda Civic Type R Mk3 Mugen versus Audi R8 V10 - Autocar

Back in 2010, we pitted the incredible Honda Civic Type R Mk3 Mugen against Audi's R8 V10 - here's that story:. Can one of the world’s maddest hot hatches – and certainly one of its most expensive – really and honestly cut it against a classic mid-engined supercar over a favourite Welsh mountain road. As part of a grand celebration of hot hatches, we felt we had to do a story like this. The greatest hot hatches have proved, after all, to be some of the most effective giant-slayers ever to grace a public road. And although the Honda Civic Type R Mugen is something of a freak among freaks, it’s still a hot hatch at heart, featuring a transversely mounted four-cylinder engine that powers its front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. It also costs a vaguely hilarious £38,599. Yet in many respects the Mugen represents absolutely how far the hot hatch has come during the 21st century. It looks sharp to the point of contemporary design perfection and is entirely focused on the business of going quickly, but at the same time it’s also sufficiently well packaged to accommodate four people and their luggage with ease, and it will... Source:
2010 Audi R8 Spyder sport body:   2010 Audi R8 Spyder sport body , Audi R8 Spyder will use the units of t... 09/02/15, @rubiscarportal
AUDI R8 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 FRONT BUMPER SIDE STRIPE GRILL OEM 09/01/15, @olalderuy
Just in! We have recently added a 2010 Audi R8 to our inventory. Check it out : 08/31/15, @MMotorsInc
AUDI R8 LEFT SIDE COVER 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 1/4 PANEL PLASTIC OEM 08/28/15, @germandiazcane4
Forza 5 bonus cars 2011 McLaren Forza Motorsport 12C with special livery and tuning package and 2010 Audi Forza Motorsport R8 5.2FSI DM 08/28/15, @Raptorize_
selling Forza 5 bonus cars 2011 McLaren Forza Motorsport 12C with special livery and tuning package and 2010 Audi Forza Motorsport R8 5.2FSI 08/28/15, @Raptorize_
I posted 64 photos on Facebook in the album "2010 Audi R8 V10" 08/27/15, @autoobsessed
  • Audi R8 Spyder

    08/18/15, via TopSpeed

    Launched in 2007, the first-generation Audi R8 was so successful that the German brand decided ... having been unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show for the 2010 model year. At first only available with the 5.2-liter V-10, the convertible also received ...

  • Audi Prepares Tesla Model X Challenger: E-tron Quattro Electric SUV Heads To 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

    The first R8 e-tron, whose 2010 limited release was put on hold, carried a 49 kWh battery pack, giving it a disappointing 133-mile range. Since then, Audi has managed to boost power density to 90 kWh, the same as Tesla’s recently introduced highest ...

  • Audi R8 Spyder (2010 - 2015)

    08/05/15, via Honest John

    Incorporates faster S tronic twin-clutch sports transmission and new lighter and more powerful V10 plus model. The totally new seven-speed S tronic transmission replaces the R tronic automated manual...

  • Audi R8 Spyder convertible (2010-2015)

    06/10/14, via Car Buyer

    When Audi was developing the Audi R8 many doubted that the firm could build a car to compete with established rivals such as the Porsche 911, but they were wrong. The R8 is not only as much fun to drive as the Porsche but, pound-for-pound, its engines are ...

  • Audi may build ‘R5’ sports car with five-cylinder power to slot between the TT and R8

    07/09/15, via Digital Trends

    The best indication we have of how it will look comes from the 2010 Audi E-Tron concept, which was both smaller and lighter than the R8. Depending on its power and driving dynamics, the R5 will likely rival the Porsche Cayman and Lotus Evora within the ...

  • 2010 Glut Orange Audi R8 for sale #audiR8

    06/30/15, via

    This 2010 Audi R8 has been ordered in a Audi Exclusive Glut Orange exterior and I like the combination of the bright exterior against the dark carbon fiber side blade. When the R8 was released as a 2008 model it was widely acclaimed for its unique styling ...

  • Next Car: 2010 Audi R8 Roadster

    06/17/15, via Auto Spies

    What it is: Audi will launch two variations of the two-seat supercar. First up is a more powerful 5.2-liter V-10, followed by a roadster R8. Why it’s important: A powerful V-10 moves the R8 into the stratosphere where the other big mid-engined players ...

WebRidesTV - Supercar Drift: 2010 Audi R8 V10

WebRidesTV - Supercar Drift: 2010 Audi R8 V10

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