Morning Press: Parking tickets, campaign spending, tree huggers - The Columbian

Day after day, the 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche pickup is parked in a prime spot in downtown Vancouver. And day after day, the Chevy gets a parking ticket. Last year, the Chevy racked up 233 tickets and $8,270 in fines for expired meters and parking off-street in unauthorized lots. As of July 24, the Chevy had received another 201 tickets and $3,322 in fines. According to the city, only one of the 434 tickets the Chevy's owner has amassed since the beginning of 2014 has been paid. Despite accruing more than $11,000 in parking fines, the Chevy continues to park downtown, and there's nothing in city code that provides the authority to tow it. The Chevy is not alone. Last year, about one in six parking tickets went unpaid and was sent to collections, and a loophole allows Oregon drivers to escape paying parking tickets — ever. The local candidates up for election in this year's primary have spent a total of $323,650. 23. Clark County Councilor David Madore, who on his own has contributed to more than half of that with $188,448. 25 in cash and in-kind expenditures, is... Source: