The 5 Highest-Paid Golfers in 2015 - The Cheat Sheet

That’s not to say we had the necessary skill to be a dominant force on the tour, but however you want to slice it, we simply never had the head for golf. After seeing what some of these guys pull in, though, boy do we regret not giving this game a go. Not every golfer on the planet is making as much as the world’s highest-paid athletes , but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re slumming it.... With that in mind — discounting the highest-paid retired athletes — here’s a look at the five highest-paid golfers in 2015. : $11 million. Golf aficionados knew that Jordan Spieth could play the game at the highest level, but it wasn’t until his record-tying performance at The Masters this year that the rest of the world finally caught up to his star power. When the 21-year-old from Dallas shot an 18-under 270 at Augusta National — in a coast-to-coast victory — to capture his first green jacket, you knew the money would soon follow. In 12 months, Spieth has pulled in $19. 8 million in total earnings. He’s racked up $8. 8 million from his winnings — $1. 8 million from The Masters alone — and made a solid $11 million in endorsements. Aside from a deal with Under Armour that runs through 2025, Forbes reports that the No. 2 golfer in the world also has partnerships with AT&T, Titleist. Source: