How To Maximise Your Shopping At Home Improvement Stores - Lifehacker Australia

Shopping at big box stores can be a frustrating experience, from trying to locate a single item to finding someone who can answer a basic question. Here are some tips for making the most of your visit to these home improvement behemoths. Instead of scrambling to locate an aisle on each visit, take some time to walk each aisle and just familiarise yourself with the different sections of the store. Typically, you’ll find timber on one side of the store and home and garden on the opposite side. Paint is in the middle, flanked by tools and hardware on the timber half and lighting and plumbing on the home and garden half. The back rows are dedicated to appliances, kitchens and storage, and they can be setup as mini-showrooms to sell cabinets, carpet and countertops. If you’re just heading in for an item or two, you can always order online and get free in-store pickup, without having to search the aisles. Every section in the store will have an employee who is a team leader and can offer qualified advice for locating an item. Sales associates can help you track down these individuals, but don’t ask them for much more as their home improvement knowledge can be minimal. Source: