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In 1962, the Janesville Chamber of Commerce selected a steering committee to guide action toward the development of a health care facility for Janesville. Members of that group were Erich Ewert, A. C. Ewert, Roy Vinson, Lloyd Jensen, Vernon Walther, Joe Finley, Harold Boyd, Joe Stepan, Al Krause and Oather Troldahl. It was decided that the facility would be operated by the Janesville Memorial Foundation and tentative plans were put into action. At this time the steering committee elected the following men to continue with organizational plans: General Chairman, Joe Finley. Co-chairmen for fundraising, Roy Vinson and Lloyd Jensen. In December 1963, architectural services were obtained by A. J. Ross and Associates of Mankato and a letter was sent to then-attorney general Walter F. Mondale, asking for a legal opinion on the powers of a nursing home. To encourage donations from the public, the committee agreed that in exchange for donations, plaques with contributors’ names would be placed in different areas of the home. The first board of the Janesville Nursing Home elected in December 1964 was Herbert Braatz, Erwin W. Bluhm, Lloyd A. Jensen, Cyril J. Arnold and Walter M. Sommer. The Janesville Nursing Home opened its doors on Oct. Source: www.southernminn.com