2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4Matic Earns its Star - Car and Driver

When the Mercedes CLA-class debuted, in 2013, the debate was all about whether it would be accepted as a real Benz. Unless you're traversing the type of gruesome locale where the citizenry is well drilled on model hierarchy at Mercedes-Benz , you'll find the general public is generally impressed with the CLA250. When a vehicle with a star on its nose costs more than $50K, as our test car did, you shouldn't have to wonder whether it's a real Mercedes. That sum is for a richly bedecked all-wheel-drive CLA250, which starts at $39,645. From the outside, it can be hard to distinguish the redesigned model from its predecessor. Those vents, along with the footwells and trim along the upper dash and doors, can be backlit with $310 of optional LED lighting that bathes the nighttime interior with a club-vibe glow in one of 64 hues of your choice. Trick lighting is just one of the many features proffered by the new CLA. Activate the seat kinematics, which occasionally alters your seat adjustments so you're not sitting too long in one position. Or try the exercise coach, which talks you through exercises you can do while driving (e. g. , roll that shoulder but keep your hands on the wheel). Source: Car and Driver