Wald Body Kit Gives Mercedes C-Class the Fake AMG C63 Look - autoevolution

We're not talking about classy and expensive stuff like Brabus makes, but ordering parts online, probably from China, and pretending your C 200 has a V8, like that green velvet-wrapped car we spotted in Turkey recently. The tuning project proposed by Japanese company Wald International is something like that, mainly because if their choice of grille: the Panamericana style that used to be specific to the most hardcore models. But if you think about it, Wald always liked making pretend sports cars, as many of their works had AMG or M-style exhausts. There's a bunch of these things on Ali Express, shipping for as little as $60. For that kind of money, Mercedes will probably sell you a bolt or a keychain. The OEM+ style is done with a new insert that goes over the bottom of the front bumper and makes the C-Class look butch. Wald proposes two styles of quad exhaust pipes, as well as an F1-style brake light mounted in the middle of the bumper. Source: autoevolution