The secret life of Chip Kelly - SFGate

On a Monday afternoon nearly two years ago, a woman in her mid-40s settled into a long Metro ride, Dupont Circle in Washington to Landover, Md. , bound eventually for FedEx Field. Jennifer Jenkins hadn’t been to an NFL game since she was a little girl, football making so much noise during one part of her life that for a long time she tuned it out. But this day in September 2013 was different: Chip Kelly was coaching his first NFL game, his Philadelphia Eagles playing the Washington Redskins. Kelly coaches football in a way that calls attention to himself, but he keeps much of his life off limits. A while before the game, she pulled out her cell phone and sent a text message to the Eagles’ rookie head coach, the man who had been her husband for seven years. During the next 13 or so minutes, Kelly will be asked about the action-packed way he spent his offseason: engaging (and prevailing over) former general manager Howie Roseman in a front-office power struggle, trading away quarterback Nick Foles... Source: