New 2016 Audi A4 in pictures: it's all all-new, honest! - CAR Magazine

? New 2016 Audi A4 revealed. This is the new 2016 Audi A4, shown ahead of its formal world debut at the Frankfurt motor show this autumn. Both saloon and Avant wagon bodystyles have been revealed, while other variants - including the A4 Allroad and A5 two-door siblings - will follow. Fuel-saving and low CO2 are the chief targets of the new model, explaining the inclusion of a 1. 4-litre petorl engine, super-low 0. 23 drag coefficient and cleanest model's 95g/km emissions rating. the wagon is slightly less aero-efficient, with a figure of 0. 26. And, as is the fashion for new-generation German execs (see 7-series etc), the new 2016 A4 uses a multi-material construction method to pare back the weight. New Audi A4: the design This is clearly an evolutionary design, with a conservative flavour that'll scare away precisely no company car buyers in the UK or customers in Europe, America or China, Audi hopes. They've deliberately kept the style in keeping with the Audi saloon vibe, outside at least. Inside the new A4 lies a more revolutionary cockpit, with the adaptive 12. 3in LCD digital screen seen in the latest Audi TT. It's entirely configurable, letting the sat-nav gobble up the entire read-out or conventional dials, with many grades in... Source: