Rotary Club constructs 600th ramp - Madison Journal TODAY

8 at the home of Roy and Claudia Dellinger. Leaving a retirement life of travel in their camper, Roy and Claudia Dellinger found that Roy couldn’t even work in the daylily business that they had built. Claudia’s Day Lillies, their hobby turned business, used to boast 3,500 different varieties of the beautiful flower, and they shipped all over the world. It was always a hobby/business for them since Roy worked on and off for 15 years at Athens Chevrolet as an auto body mechanic. Claudia also worked outside the home and created the day lily garden. She worked for Mutual of Omaha but had to quit when the company would not approve her taking time off to care for Roy after one of his surgeries. The nine surgeries that Roy has had on his back have left him unable to get around well without his wheelchair, and before the Rotary Club ramp team built him this ramp, Claudia would have to dismantle the wheelchair to get it out of the house and... Now, with the ramp leading from the house to the area where Claudia parks the car, they can roll him in his chair down the ramp and straight to the car door. With another back surgery, this time a cervical fusion, coming up, Claudia sees this ramp as being a life savor for her. Source: