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“the wife of Australian 488 GTB buyer number three telling CarAdvice she’s more excited about getting her Tesla Model S P85D in the coming weeks. A Ferrari 488e…that would be something worth getting excited about, with the added bonus of giving them more wiggle room to build fossil-fuel powered dinosaurs this without pesky emission laws interfering. I’ve seem a heap of those Tesla videos, yes they have astonishing 0-100 kmh, 0-100 m take off, but often by the end of the 1/4 mile they get overtaken by the exotic car they have gone up against. Not saying it’s not impressive, but the Teslas biggest advantage is 0-100 km/h , rather than 0-200 km/h. The Tesla handles ok, but is outshone by ICE competitors that don’t have hundreds of kilos of batteries blunting the handling. It’s obviously very cool and very different, hence the owners wifes excitement…and it is HER car maybe the 488 is hubby’s so it’s a bit moot since she might not get to drive it. As for handling…Tesla themselves and most auto journalists beg to... But on what real world road, or real world racetrack will you be going faster than 150km/h on, let alone 200km/h+. I don’t think many Model S owners will be taking their cars to tracks anyway. The P85D is not a supercar that works on a track, but rather, one that works on real world roads, on in real world conditions. Source: