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5 Inch Meat Hooks S-Hook Stainless Steel Meat Processing Butcher Hook Pot Hooks by HONSHEN

  • Diameter of 4mm, 5" Long
  • One end sharpened for easy insertion into meat,Easy to clean after use
  • Ideal for meat processing, butchers, hunters, meat hanging, drying...

Product Description

5Inch(4Pack)S Hooks Ideal for meat processing, butchers, hunters, meat hanging, drying and smoking,Can also be used for hanging your pot and pans


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Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Flat Hanging Hooks - Pot Racks S Hook 10 Pack Set - Hang Display Jewelry - Metal Utility Hooks for Outdoor Storage Organization - Butcher Meat Hangers for Bacon Sausage Smokers by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools

  • START ORGANIZING YOUR KITCHEN LIKE A BOSS. Professional chefs know...

Product Description

If added counter space were the answer, then as kitchens got bigger they would automatically become more efficient. But they don't. You need to find a way to cut steps, save time, streamline processes from preparation through clean up and generally make sure that your kitchen gets smarter without needing to get bigger.

Keep your kitchen conveniently organized so you can spend less time fighting with it and more time loving it using these 10 hanging S hooks.

Suitable for all popular kitchen tools with hanging loops, as the hooks are universal and matches most kitchen styles.


Like a proper restaurant kitchen, everything is within your arm's reach from tools to pots. If you want to fight countertop clutter, there's something pristine about rows of kitchen supplies when they're at home hanging rather than sprawled on a countertop or stuffed in drawers and on shelves. Don't limit yourself to pots and utensils, think towels, dish drying racks, and whatever else you can think of. The moveable, sliding hooks will give you a tremendous amount of flexibility - which is the keyword for any kitchen.


Is your kitchen tool collection getting out of control? Does finding the right tool mean triggering an avalanche of gourmet cookware when you open a cabinet door? Time to unclutter. Hanging S hooks are a quick answer to countertop clutter. Made out of heavy-gauge stainless steel, these hooks will put your kitchen gadgets, tools, pots and pans on display, keeps them within quick reach, and frees up cabinet space, all at the same time. The tools don't rub or scrape against one another like in a drawer, which minimizes damage to your valuable investment. The hooks are easy to install on any rack or shelf without any tools.

Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


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Cuisinart CSH-400 Smoker Hooks by Cuisinart

  • Pointed prongs for piercing different kinds of meat
  • The Best space Saver for smoking sausages and other meats
  • Four sets of dual-pronged hooks

Product Description

The Cuisinart CSH-400 smoker hooks are the best space Saver for smoking sausages & any other meat that you don't want sitting on a cooking grate. There are 4 sets of dual-prong hooks so you'll be able to hang plenty of food from these hooks. Each prong is pointed to allow for piercing meats that you want suspended in air. Brisket & other large cuts of meat should be exposed to as much smoke as possible. You also don't want to risk having the meat sticking to a cooking grate & losing precious flavor when it needs to be rotated or moved. By piercing a large cut of meat with these pointed prongs, you'll allow the meat to hang in the air, giving it the exposure to that great flavorful smoke that it needs while making maneuverability much easier. Features: The best space saver for smoking sausages and other meats|4 sets of dual-pronged hooks|Pointed prongs for piercing different kinds of meat|Thick and durable steel hooks


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TinaWood 2pcs Stainless Steel Double Hooks + 3pcs S-Hooks for Bacon Hams Meat Processing Butcher Hook Hanging Drying BBQ Grill Cooking Smoker Hook Tool by TinaWood

  • Simple and convenient, is one of the necessary tool to hunters,...
  • 2pcs Double Meat Hook with poultry roasting hooks and heavy duty...
  • One side of the S-hook is Flat and blunt ended to pull or hang, the...

Product Description


2pcs Stainless Steel Double Hooks + 3pcs S-Hooks for Meat Processing Butcher Hook Hanging Drying BBQ Grill Cooking 

Ideal for butchers, chefs, meat processors, perfect tool for hunters, BBQ grill masters, butcher shops, restaurant kitchens or other food prep settings. 

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Meat Processing Butcher Hook 

S Type Hooks Food Safe for Butcher Meats, Organizing Utensils, Pots and Pans 

Meat Hooks Butcher Hook Double Hooks Processing Meat Hook Stainless Steel Rotary Device 

Slaughtering BBQ Chicken Duck Hooks Slaughter house meat processing factory barbecue processing hanging meat 

Package Includes: 

2 x Double hooks 

3 x S type hooks 

WARRANTY ANDCUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible in 24 hours from Monday to Friday.


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30 Pack Esfun Heavy Duty S Hooks Pan Pot Holder Rack Hooks Hanging Hangers S Shaped Hooks for Kitchenware Pots Utensils Clothes Bags Towels Plants by ESFUN

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Try them today and buy with confidence with...
  • EFFICIENT STORAGE SOLUTION: These heavy duty s hooks are a simple...
  • WELL MADE & STYLISH: These S Shaped Hooks are made of premium metal...

Product Description

If you're find a kind of kitchen hooks to save your kitchen space,and if you want to fight countertop clutter, please try our S Shaped Hooks!
With these Pot Rack Hooks, you can simply hang kitchen supplies on wall rather than sprawled on a countertop or stuffed in drawers and on
shelves,everything is within your arm's reach from tools to pots.Keep your kitchen in order with these utility hooks, you will find time
would be saved and cooking is more interesting!

- Length: 2.8 inches
- Thickness: 0.16 inches
- Diameter of openings: 0.35 inches and 0.85 inches
- Quantity: 30 pack

30 Pack S Hanging Hooks:
- 30 Pack Pot Rack Hooks,great value and very practical,enough for your spare or replacement, durable and strong.
- The small bend on one end fits nicely on the racks and the other large hook end is good to hold items.
- The S-hook is 2.8 inches in length and 0.14 inches in thickness; The diameter of opennings are 0.35 inches and 0.85 inches;

Widely Application:
- Using it to hang shoes and towels when you go camping,On BBQ for hanging the utensils.They are also doing a great job being used as plants hangers.
- Suitable for kitchenware, spoons, pans, pots, coffee mugs, utensils, bags, towels, plants, gardening tools, clothes and so on.

Package includes:
- 30 x S hooks



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Bradley Smoker BTHOOK Sausage Hooks by Bradley Smoker

  • Heavy-duty chrome-plated
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Use in any smoker

Product Description

4 Heavy-duty chromed sausage hooks can be used in all Bradley Smokers or any smoker. Great for sausage, fish or hams.

Stainless Meat Hooks, Smoker Hook, 5", 4 Pack by RiversEdge Products

  • Proudly manufactured in USA!
  • Small craft batch products. Hand cut, bent, and sharpened.
  • 4 pack of 5" x 3" S hook with one sharpened end for piercing.

Product Description

The RiversEdge Products Stainless Meat Hooks are perfect for hanging meat or other items in your grill or smoker when cooking. The hooks work great in barrel smokers, homemade or professional. Use the hooks on your grill for additional area when cooking a large amount of food.

The durable 304 solid stainless steel rod holds up to the high heat when needed and is easy to clean after use. These hooks can also be used for hanging utensils on the side of your grill or smoker when not in use.

Alternate uses include butchering, hanging carcasses when dressing the animal, or as utility hooks in your garage or kitchen!

Proudly manufactured in Broseley, Missouri, USA!


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Butcher Hanging Set of 10 Stainless Steel S Hooks, Multi Purpose, 2 3/4" Length by Fasthomegoods

  • - Can be used in high humidity areas

Product Description

Buyer receives total of 10 hooks as seen in the first photo. We have more photos for demonstration purposes.


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Meat Hooks for Butchering,T Shaped Boning Hooks with Handle 6 Inch Stainless Steel Butcher Shop Tool Kit (2 Pack) by LuckIn

  • Easy to use and easy to carry, practical to hang chunks of beef and...
  • Every meat hook has a plug on sharp top, which prevents from...
  • Designed with non-slip T-handle, butchering hook helps you...

Product Description

LuckIn 16" Butcher Meat Hooks with T Handle
Your best choice for hanging beef and turkey when christmas and BBQ.

Note: Our meat hook is sharp, please leave it where children can not touch.

Buy from LuckIn

  • 30 days money back gurantee
  • Good after-sale service

Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Size: 6" x 3.75"(L*W)
Color: Red
Design: T-handle meat hook
Package includes:
2pcs meat hook
2pcs hook plug


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Masterbuilt 20090113 Smoker Sausage Hanger by Masterbuilt

  • Chrome plated steel wire construction, fits all Master built smokers
  • Easy clean-up
  • Dry and smoke your favorite sausages

Product Description

Masterbuilt makes smoking sausage and kabobs simple with the Sausage Hanger. Place on a traditional smoking rack and hang sausages below, or use facing upward for securing kabobs. Compatible with all Masterbuilt smokers.