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1989 Buick Riviera w/ CRT Interface Demo Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube's largest collection of automotive variety! In today's video, we will take an up close and personal in depth look at the ...

  • auto autos automobile motorvehicle car cars antiquecar classiccar oldcar collectiblecar vintagecar myoldpostcards vonliski generalmotors gm 1989 buick riviera 2door coupe 42nd annual laborday celebration classic carshow route97 cruisaders crusaders carclub greenview il illinois 9511 september52011 grille frontend nose chrome worldcars

    1989 Buick Riviera Coupe (1 of 3)

    Photographed at the 42nd Annual Labor Day Celebration Classic Car Show in Greenview, Illinois on September 5, 2011. The event is sponsored by the Route 97 Cruisaders Car Club. Please visit my Motor Vehicles...

    Photo by myoldpostcards on Flickr

  • buick riviera babe 1966 1989 customcar showcar

    "66 Buick Riviera Show Car, 1989

    Photo by Cosmo's "ART" Gallery on Flickr

  • buick riviera babe 1989 1972 customcar showcar

    '72 Buick Riviera Show Car, 1989

    Photo by Cosmo's "ART" Gallery on Flickr

  • buick riviera luxurycoupe mark7riviera

    Late Period Mark 7 Buick Riviera

    When General Motors decided to downsize the platform that served as the basis for the full-size luxury coupes sold by Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac, gas prices were going through the roof. By the time the smaller...

    Photo by smaginnis11565 on Flickr

  • 1989buickriviera2doorcoupe 2014hersheyoldcarfleamarket ©richardspiegelmancarphoto

    1989 Buick Riviera

    Photo by carphoto on Flickr

  • 1965buickriviera hascmilton1989 ©richardspiegelmancarphoto

    1965 Riviera

    The Horsefalls.

    Photo by carphoto on Flickr

  • buick riviera 1963 diecast 143scale franklinmint

    1963 Buick Riviera Hardtop

    Issued by the Franklin Mint in 1989 and is 1:43 scale. It was released in the Classic Cars of the 60's Series. The replica is finished in Burgundy.

    Photo by JCarnutz on Flickr

  • door roof 2 classic buick riviera general vinyl motors

    Buick Riviera

    1989-93 model Spotted in Glen Burnie, MD.

    Photo by travelr16 on Flickr

  • toronto ontario canada buick riviera body 1987 1988 1993 e etobicoke 1991 1992 1989 88 1986 93 90 86 92 1990 91 87 89 ebody

    Buick Riviera

    Driving along very slowly! It seemed to be pulling to the left as the driver was struggling to keep it in one lane.

    Photo by MSVG on Flickr

  • How did Illinois get here?

    06/09/15, via Off Tackle Empire

    Certainly no Bubba Smith's Buick Riviera, but improprieties nevertheless. By being proactive Mackovic quickly revitalized the program into a top-25 fixture in 1989/90, but after going 30-16-1 in four years he left for greener pastures at Texas. The

  • What Is It?

    07/30/15, via The Augusta Chronicle

    1983 brought new life with aerodynamic lines and sporty engines, and the 1989 model brought more acclaim to the nameplate, but it turned out to be too heavy. “There was nothing else like it on the road until Buick came out with the Riviera in 1963.

  • PHOTOS: Automobilia 2015

    07/18/15, via Wichita Eagle

    Martie Miller's beautiful blue-and-white '55 Chevy 210 sedan not only looked great, it reportedly was used in the 1989 Paul Newman film `Blaze.' Mike Berry The . It may be a half century old, but Jason Reed's lowered '65 Buick Riviera

  • What Is It? A 1956 Buick

    06/12/15, via The Augusta Chronicle

    My dad passed away in 1989 – I'm glad he didn't know how badly we treated his car; he might not have enjoyed such a long, happy, worry-free life.” Berry wins a small prize for his entry. Other readers identifying the vehicle were the . The models

  • Automobilia: The show did go on

    07/17/15, via Wichita Eagle

    Darrel and Jacque Staab of Haysville not only found their '56 Ford Victoria a primo parking spot with the backdrop of the Wichita Scottish Rite Center, they apparently scored curb service, with a tray of drive-in food rounding out their display. Mike

  • Car Crush: Why American Writers and Artists Can't Stop Loving the Automobile

    08/04/15, via The Millions

    Again today Alex Housman drove the Buick Riviera. The Buick, coppertone, white sidewalls, was the model of the year, a '59, although the 1960 models were already out. Its upholstery was black, its windshield was tinted a thin color of motor oil. The

  • Meet Me Under the Clock: A New Orleans Story

    06/09/15, via The Millions

    It was May of 1989, and Tony Rihner had just finished his drink, looked across the table at his old friend Frank Tripoli, convinced this was the night the heist would go down. Frank didn't know it yet, but these older, slightly inebriated Butch and

How did Illinois get here? - Off Tackle Empire

We fans do have a habit of taking after our teams, though, and after the Illini decided not to show up, I followed their lead. Living in the Detroit metro amplifies the sting of getting waxed by a. 500 Michigan team in the BTT during a work day. I've been gathering the impression that, compared to our peers with more illustrious records in the TV era, Illinois has a program history largely unknown by the general public. Remember those years when it seemed like Illinois came out of nowhere. The Big Ten Screws Us. From the days of Red Grange to the national championship of 1951, Illinois football, along with Illinois athletics, was a power in the ever-expanding world of college sports. Michigan State wound up on probation in 1953, and slush funds started happening as recruiting got greasy. Coach Ray Eliot refused to do this and refused to kiss the asses of high school players and when he found he was no longer able to compete, he resigned and Pete Elliot took over in 1960. Illinois fans, alums and boosters then got together and... However, they were really really bad at it. So bad, in fact, that this network was plainly visible to the coaches and was extensively documented. Assistant Mel Brewer was a popular candidate, but football coach Pete Elliot ended up getting the job. Brewer was irate, partially because he didn't get the job, but also because Pete Elliot had graduated from Michigan and blah. Source: www.offtackleempire.com

What Is It? A 1956 Buick - The Augusta Chronicle

We know that this week’s bigger photo of the Buick proves why it is a 1956 and not a 1955: The grille has a slight vertical “V” crimped into it. the portholes on the fender are oval, not round. If the street-worn car hasn’t been modified, then this Buick is the Special model, which carried a 264-cubic-inch V-8. Getting four portholes that year were the Roadmaster, Super and Century, all of which signified a 320-cubic-inch engine under... The overall heft and profile were the same, and the red-and-white paint outside was complemented inside by yards of red vinyl seating and a red padded dash back when most dashboards were painted metal. Now, back to the Buick. “My dad had one, his was one year newer, the first in a long line of Buicks he loved. In the winter snowstorms, in the Philadelphia area where we grew up, my brother and I (neither yet 20 years old) would load the trunk of the car with bags of rock salt – hundreds of pounds, I am sure, for extra traction. We then took a long, strong chain and a shovel, and made money pulling other cars out of snow banks and ditches. My dad passed away in 1989 – I’m glad he didn’t know how badly we treated his car. Kaiser Frazer made cars after World. Source: chronicle.augusta.com

Automobilia: The show did go on - Wichita Eagle

Last weekend’s big Automobilia Car Show and Street Party may be remembered as “the car show that almost wasn’t. ” But it did happen, thanks to an outpouring of support from the local car community. “I want to thank anybody and everybody who came,” said Gary Carpenter, the organizer who has now staged 21 consecutive Automobilia shows in Old Town. “There was a lot of confusion because three weeks before the show, I announced that I was going to cancel the show. “Rusty Eck Ford got involved and paid our insurance… that pretty much saved us. There were a lot of donations from car guys. Once the insurance funding issue was resolved, Carpenter made the call to go ahead with the show. Everything went real smooth, and I think we had as large a crowd as we’ve ever had, and I would say our car count was probably as good as ever. We had cars from everywhere – Denver, Phoenix, Little Rock, a lot from Oklahoma and Missouri. “Right now, I just want to relax and not think about it,” Carpenter said. Source: www.kansas.com
Check out 4 GWG #Wheels 18" inch #Black / Laser Mill FLOW #Rims fits #BUICK #RIVIERA 1989-1999 http://t.co/utH3TmK3lW via @eBay 09/03/15, @Ritewheel4less
#Buick #Vehicles Buick : Riviera 1989 buick riviera 2 dr coupe http://t.co/PrKBOqH8VL #Automobiles 08/30/15, @HotRidesDaily1
NOS Delco Brake Booster NEW 178-418 Buick Reatta + Riviera 1987 1988 1989 1990 http://t.co/65CQoRoEGB http://t.co/oOxDETGy4T 08/29/15, @marcosraymarcos
Buick : Riviera 1989 buick riviera 2 dr coupe: $4,000.00 (0 Bids)End Date: Thursday Sep-3-2015 17:33:40 PDTBi... http://t.co/qLD8zRAM38 08/27/15, @used_cars_77
  • 1958 BUICK CENTURY Century Riviera 4 door hardtop Restored for sale

    07/08/15, via Classic Cars For Sale

    1958 Buick Century Riviera 4door Hartdtop Sedan , car was frame on restored 4 years ago , engine and gearbox are also restored as well as suspension and brakes.All works are pciture documented . Car was imported as nice driver form the USA with only 55000 ...

  • 1983 BUICK RIVIERA for sale

    05/14/15, via Classic Cars For Sale

    ~CALL US FOR A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE CAR! WE DO A 150+ POINT CHECK ON EACH VEHICLE AND ARE HAPPY TO SHARE THESE DETAILS! If you want to know the reserve or 'Buy it now' please CALL US at (603) 818-8511. For more information please ask for Brandon or ...

  • 1987 Buick Riviera touchscreen display demonstrated [video]

    12/16/14, via World Car Fans

    We stumbled upon an old video in which the owner of a 1987 Buick Riviera plays around with the car’s touchscreen. Nowadays touchscreens in cars are very common but not many know the first to actually get this technology was the seventh generation Buick ...

  • YAK Car Pic of the Day

    08/03/14, via blogs.artvoice.com

    Here’s a down-sized 1989 Buick Riviera, a car never quite as impressive as the original Riv, which in 1963 helped usher-in the personal luxury coupe category. This particular downsize occured for the 1986 model year, and the car was so different from ...

  • The class of 1989: 25 years later

    01/06/14, via HamptonRoads.com

    This year, that means 1989 model-year cars and trucks are considered antiques ... In an effort to rekindle slumping sales, Buick restyled the Riviera, adding 11 inches to its length. Despite being longer than the full-size Electra, the redesigned Riviera ...

  • Buick Riviera

    11/06/13, via The Car Connection

    Through eight generations over 35 years, the Buick Riviera two ... with traditional buyers. In 1989, a quick restyle added 9 inches of length, mostly in the trunk, but it didn't help all that much. The sixth-generation Riviera sold from 1979 to 1985 ...

  • 1989 Buick Riviera

    09/02/12, via Cars

    Owned; Bought at 27,000 mi a 97 RivWhite superchged,sunroof, in2002,garaged,have 59,000 in ten years and except for battery and tires,and new brakes...it has been incredibly reliable, sweet, rides well,fast when pushed, 19,6 miles per gallon when easy ...

1989 Buick Riviera w/ CRT Interface Demo Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

1989 Buick Riviera w/ CRT Interface Demo Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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