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Regular Car Reviews: 1991 BMW E30 318i

The BMW E30 is the prerequisite to "being a car guy" even more than the Mazda Miata MX5. The M42 engine was not put into E30 sedans until 1991, although it ...

  • old uk car silver cornwall german bmw 1991 rare touring 1990 318 h732xfr

    BMW 318 Touring

    A bit battered but pretty rare.

    Photo by occama on Flickr

  • auto car bmw 1991 318is

    1991 BMW 318 IS

    Find out more about this project car at

    Photo by Ocell on Flickr

  • new england forest bill rally bmw 1991 318 318i caswell

    New England Forest Rally

    Bill Caswell 1991 BMW 318i

    Photo by Will Z 802 on Flickr

  • show car edinburgh scottish bmw 1991 318 e30 ingliston

    H189GMJ 1991 BMW 318 LS

    Photo by sallanfiesta91 on Flickr

  • auto old netherlands car amsterdam germany deutschland automobile nederland convertible voiture german tc bmw 1991 cabrio allemagne paysbas 318 e30 deutsch ancienne cabriolet baur 318i bmw318i allemande baurtc sidecode5 shff46

    BMW 318i cabriolet Baur TC 1991

    Photo by XBXG on Flickr

  • is bmw 1991 525 bbs 318 e30 e34 i

    BMW 525i

    Photo by Eric-photo-automobile on Flickr

  • auto bw car bmw 1991 318is

    1991 BMW 318 IS

    I spent the day with my buddy Carlos, taking pictures of his 1991 BMW 318 IS around Fort Lauderdale. I'll be uploading more photos as I get them done this evening. He bought it wrecked over 2 years ago, and has...

    Photo by Ocell on Flickr

  • is bmw 1991 525 bbs 318 e30 i

    BMW 318iS

    Photo by Eric-photo-automobile on Flickr

  • is bmw 1991 525 bbs 318 e30 e34 i


    Photo by Eric-photo-automobile on Flickr

  • If FedExCup Golfers Were MLB Teams

    08/25/15, via Sports On Earth

    For the next four tournaments -- the Barclays, Deutsche Bank Championship, BMW Championship and TOUR Championship -- the field will decrease from 125, to 100, to 70 and finally 30. Whoever has the most points after . That's similar to how the Braves

  • Get a 1991 BMW 318i Manual with 69k Miles on the Cheap [93 Pics]

    06/12/14, via Carscoops (blog)

    This is a North American-specification 1991 BMW 318is 318i four-door sedan, which came with the same M42 1.8-liter inline-four rated at 140PS (138hp) as the Euro-specification 318is placing it between the 129PS (127hp) 2.0-liter straight-six 320i and

  • 2015 Dodge Viper GT Long-Term Road Test

    06/27/15, via

    "The last of the muscle cars!" "The end of the V8!" "We'll never see anything this good again." We've heard these proclamations repeated and retracted more times than we can count, and knowing that, we're confident in saying the Dodge Viper is

  • RIP Land Rover's Defender, the Greatest Car Ever

    07/01/15, via Bloomberg View

    The modern version, called the Defender since 1991, has the DNA of its predecessor. It still has a riveted aluminum body, and it's so drafty that when The Defender is arguably "greener" than the BMW. According to its maker, as many as three

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    08/26/15, via Ziemellatvija

    Aizvad?t?j? diennakt? Vidzemes re?iona p?rvaldes teritorij? re?istr?ta inform?cija par 87 gad?jumiem, kad iedz?vot?ji p?c pal?dz?bas v?rsušies policij? vai konstat?ts, ka noticis noziegums. Re?istr?ta inform?cija par 23 noziedz?giem nodar?jumiem pret

  • Auto Industry Looks Beyond Ownership

    05/26/15, via Bloomberg View

    Adam Jonas, a New York-based analyst who scrutinizes car companies for investment bank Morgan Stanley, has a chart that he says will "occupy the remainder of my professional life." The shift toward renting rather than owning expensive assets, combined 

  • Bolles grad DJ Stewart, UNF's Donnie Dewees picked on opening night of MLB draft

    06/08/15, via Florida Times-Union

    The Baltimore Orioles are going to make it very difficult for him to do that again. Stewart, a Bolles graduate and junior leftfielder for the Seminoles, was the 25 th overall pick by the Orioles in the opening round of the Major League Baseball First

If FedExCup Golfers Were MLB Teams - Sports On Earth

By shooting a 17-under for the tournament, Love won the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, N. C, this weekend and, in the process, jumped up from 186th to 76th in the standings to qualify for the FedExCup Playoffs. It was Love's first PGA TOUR victory since 2008. After winning the PGA Championship in 1997, Love's success was a bit more sporadic that some of his peers. He only won nine tournaments between that PGA Championship victory and the Wyndham on Sunday, and four of those came during a strong stretch in 2003. But somehow, out of nowhere, Love managed to win and will his way into the playoffs. The Astros will be hoping they can continue to follow the Spieth model for the rest of season: basically, to keep on winning. Meanwhile, everyone has known for a while that Houston has the ability to be a playoff threat -- it's been stocking up top draft picks in its farm system for years -- but not many analysts saw them making it this far in 2015. We see some big... Jason Day = Los Angeles Dodgers After making a move and winning the PGA Championship last week in Wisconsin -- his first career major -- Day solidified himself as one of the best golfers in the world, just as the Dodgers made move after to move to... The Dodgers certainly have all the pieces needed -- they've won the NL West the last two seasons and. Source:

RIP Land Rover's Defender, the Greatest Car Ever - Bloomberg View

Tuesday was the final day you could have ordered a new Land Rover Defender, one of the world's last real cars. In 2013, when the British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover first announced plans to discontinue the model, I didn't really believe it: The Defender is by far the best car I've ever owned, and many others are as emotional about it as I am. Yet, here we are. Regulation and marketing-driven blandness, the enemies of everything original, have killed it. . Rover, the original manufacturer, based its design on a World War II warhorse, the American Willys MB, also known as the Jeep. In 1947, British farmers needed a cheap, sturdy off-road vehicle, and Rover built one using what was available in a war-ravaged country. By then, it had already become an icon, a symbol of British patriotism: a car that rejected comfort as a concept but got the job done -- and was a design masterpiece. The modern version, called the Defender since 1991, has the DNA of its predecessor. In the 2006 movie "The Queen," Elizabeth II -- played by Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for the part -- breaks down fording a stream in a Scottish forest. (The monarch drives one in real life. ) The Queen trained as a mechanic during World War II, and her Defender is so simple that she attempts to tackle the problem herself. Source:

Auto Industry Looks Beyond Ownership - Bloomberg View

" The shift toward renting rather than owning expensive assets, combined with the advent of self-driving cars, will transform the auto industry, Jonas says. The top right shows where Jonas reckons the industry is eventually headed: You'll order a self-driving vehicle that will pick you up and drop you off while charging you only for the distance you traversed (and without your ever having to worry... That reality probably still seems somewhat far off, as might the future depicted in the upper left quadrant, in which people own their own self-driving vehicles. Industry behemoth Ford Motor said today it's inviting 2,000 Londoners to sign up for its GoDrive car-sharing service, which will offer pay-per-minute one-way car rental in the capital, with guaranteed parking at the chosen destination. Ford reckons car-borrowing will grow by as much as 23 percent in London by 2025, while the global auto-sharing industry will be worth more than $6 billion by the end of this decade. Bill Ford, heir to the family business and executive chairman of the automaker, told a TED conference in June 2011 that mobility, freedom and progress were the objectives of his great grandfather, not selling cars per se. The prospect of the... Source:
PREM. MAT SET DARK BLUE VEL. FOR BMW E30 316 318 320 323 325 M3 1982-1991 09/03/15, @puebladavidpueb
PREM. MAT SET DARK BLUE VEL. FOR BMW E30 316 318 320 323 325 M3 1982-1991 09/03/15, @priantedanilo
BMW : 3-Series IS 1991 bmw 318 is base coupe 2 door 1.8 l 09/02/15, @gianlucaescami2
BMW : 3-Series IS 1991 bmw 318 is base coupe 2 door 1.8 l 09/02/15, @cersarmiram
BMW : 3-Series IS 1991 bmw 318 is base coupe 2 door 1.8 l 09/02/15, @baezanahuel
BMW : 3-Series IS 1991 bmw 318 is base coupe 2 door 1.8 l 09/02/15, @edmundoszns
BMW : 3-Series IS 1991 bmw 318 is base coupe 2 door 1.8 l 09/02/15, @gallegopausidio
1985-1991 BMW 325 Driver Side Front Fender Left 325i 325e 318 325is 88 89 90 91 09/02/15, @gaudericorr
1985-1991 BMW 325 Driver Side Front Fender Left 325i 325e 318 325is 88 89 90 91 09/02/15, @saldanalucio1
  • 1991 BMW 318iS: Owner has changed almost everything in his ’91 BMW, except the paint

    08/01/15, via The Kansas City Star

    As much as Bob Dye likes the 1991 BMW 318iS he purchased in 2010, he had an urge to rework the engine, the transmission and other aspects of the car to make it uniquely his own. He wanted a car that he could take to the track if he so desired or have his ...

  • For $4,900, This Bimmer Has Miles To Go Before It Sleeps

    12/27/13, via Jalopnik

    If you happen to be the seller of today's 1991 318is then your vote for everyday ride would have ... some people like the raucous nature of the four as that's more reminiscent of BMW's glorious 2002. Whether that coterie includes you might make a ...

  • $500 1991 BMW E30 318is Raced in the Rally of Mexico - Video

    05/09/13, via Auto Evolution

    Three years ago, Bill Caswell, an automotive enthusiast, decided to drop his job for a couple of days and enter the Mexican stage of the WRC Championship in a cheap car. The problem was, of course, what car to choose. After surfing the web for a while, the ...

  • 1991 BMW 318

    04/25/11, via Cars

    Bought a used 1991 318is in 2004. Kept it off roads in winters and spent very little on it each season. After 20 years, still has original windshield, p/s pump, water pump, alternator etc, so very reliable if you don't try to beat it up. New suspension ...

  • Used car review BMW 318i 1991-1998

    01/21/09, via CarsGuide

    Today there are plenty of other models from rival car makers that challenge the BMW stars, but few have managed to fully capture the thrill of driving that is part and parcel of the cars from Bavaria. The E36 3-Series launched in 1991 saw a natural ...

  • Used car review BMW 318i 1983-1991

    01/21/09, via CarsGuide

    The pick of the E30 bunch, if you can live with a manual gearbox and two doors, is the sporty 318is built between 1990 and 1991, which can be yours for $ ... the car you’re buying has been serviced by a BMW dealer, but that would be a rarity in a car ...

  • Used Car Advice: BMW E36 3 Series (1991-98)

    12/31/06, via Motoring

    In 1991, BMW's 3 Series defined a sleek ... ABS standard on 325i only. April 1992: Launch of E36 318is and 325i Coupes. Carryover 318is two-door sedan from previous series discontinued. New 318is Coupe features 103kW belt-driven DOHC 16-valve M42 four ...

Diften 699-A0739-X01 - New Spark Plug Wire 3 Series 318 E30 E36 BMW 318i 318is 1991-1993 Review

Diften 699-A0739-X01 - New Spark Plug Wire 3 Series 318 E30 E36 BMW 318i 318is 1991-1993 Review Diften 699-A0739-X01 - New Spark Plug Wire 3 Series 318 E30 E36 BMW 318i 318is 1991-1993 Free ShippingEngineered For Extreme DurabilityGuaranteed Direct Fit For Easy InstallationGreat Performance at a Low Price12-Month/Unlimited Mile Warranty

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